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Offerings and Journeys


Deep Time Liberation: An Ancestral Healing Journey is a journey to healing for people from the African Diaspora. 

This journey holds specific significance to healing intergenerational and ancestral wounds that have not been seen or addressed in those whose ancestry is of a people stolen from their land, their language, and their stories.


As Deep Time Liberation (DTL) leads the way towards individual and collective healing, it also guides participants through an arc of reclaiming our ancestors’ dream and exploring legacies of traumatic patterning, while sourcing resilience and finding pathways to healing generational wounds of the past.  Grounding this journey in mindful awareness and compassionate reflections allows for a rich depth of wise view and skillful response. 


The BHM Elder Program is a radical offering of healing and liberation to the African American elder community.  Secular in design, this eight-week series is based upon the genogram family system theory used for Deep Time Liberation as a source for genealogical family constellation and trauma mapping. 


Relying on current health studies, breakthroughs in epigenetics, in mindfulness practices and ancestral wisdom technologies from the African Diaspora. This program offers a pathway to healing unseen and unacknowledged trauma, while simultaneously improving physical and mental health in our elder communities.

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The Deep Time Liberation Alumni Program (The Alumni Program) carries forward the healing trajectory begun in the Deep Time Liberation journey.  Once participants have completed DTL, they may be invited to deepen their experience.  This invitation will be preceded by ample time to process the effects of the earlier programming and birth individuals into a new inquiry that creates opportunities for multigenerational healing.


Full participation in Deep Time Liberation is a prerequisite for joining The Alumni Program and allows expanded awareness of how to access healing while practicing forgiveness of self and forgiveness, not of the oppressor, but of the conditionality that has beset the participants


We are designing a Youth and Young Adult program that will create an avenue to learning and gathering knowledge about America’s slavery history. We’ll explore the impacts of Early Childhood Adversity’s trauma, working within small community circles to shape a new narrative for our youth’s future.


Our offerings are taken from ancient technology, meditation practices and the roots of African music, chant and song.

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