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Deep Time Liberation Retreat

An Ancestral Healing Journey

Aug - Oct  2024

Reaffirming, Restoring and Reclaiming 

Deep Time Liberation: An Ancestral Healing Journey, is a journey to healing for people from the African Diaspora. This journey holds specific significance to healing intergenerational and ancestral wounds that have not been seen or addressed in ancestries of a people stolen from their land, their language, and their stories. ​As Deep Time Liberation (DTL) leads the way towards individual and collective healing, it also guides participants through an arc of reclaiming their ancestors' dream and exploring legacies of traumatic patterning, while sourcing resilience. Grounding these journeys in mindful awareness and compassionate reflections, they allow the participants a depth of wise view and skillful responses.​

Bearing witness to our intergenerational suffering, our hearts open to deep healing. Integrating mind-body movements along with the power of the drum allows for an energetic shift in viewing some of the difficult aspects of historical harms and cultural conditioning. Our healing begins when we engage in the medicine offered from our ancestor's wisdom, which heals ourselves and future generations. As our intention to restore ourselves back to wholeness, we reclaim our birthright, leading to our Deep Time Liberation!

Honoring The Legacy of Our Ancestors

Expanding Timeless Wisdom and Experience 

We honor our ancestors by calling them in. “We Are Because They Are”,  acknowledges the sacred connection we hold together as it pulses through our veins with stories yet to be told. We identify the genesis of our suffering, coming in part from the traumas and attachments we've experienced, known or unknown. 

Peace At Any Pace is dedicated to health and wellness and  connecting people to their ancestors and their collective healing. Through meditation, movement and skillful facilitation, we help our participants in exploring the depth of their well-being, finding peace and balance in their lives. We believe that connecting to our ancestors is an invaluable life-long journey that can bring clarity and understanding in all of our lives. Our retreats are designed to be an inclusive, safe, brave and nurturing environment where our participants make meaningful heartfelt connections.

Behavior, Health & Mindfulness


Grandparents Program

BHM Grandparents Program

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Generational Healing and Wellness

The BHM Program is a radical offering of healing and liberation to the African-American elder community. Secular in design, this nine week series is based upon the genogram family system theory used for Deep Time Liberation as a source for genealogical family constellation and trauma mapping.

The BHM Grandparents Program includes members of the African American community over the age of 60 who serve in significant familial and community roles such as grandparents, guardians and caregivers. Participants are uniquely vested in healing themselves, those that have gone before, and those yet to come. 

Relying on current health studies, breakthroughs in epigenetics, in mindfulness practices and ancestral wisdom technologies from  the African Diaspora, this program  offers pathways to healing unseen and unacknowledged trauma, while simultaneously improving physical and mental health in our elder communities.

~Please Check Back for the Fall 2024 BHM Dates!~

Quarterly Alumni Gatherings

Breathe, Reflect and Take A Deeper Dive

Quarterly Alumni Gatherings

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For New and Past DTL Retreat Members

These virtual gatherings are an opportunity for a continued call to the Ancestors and to learn more about the ways we can enhance and reinforce our personal healing practices. This is our time to openly share and reflect; to breathe and then take a deeper dive into the many useful and restorative tools for any ancestral healing practice. The Deep Time Liberation Alumni Program (The Alumni Program) carries forward the healing trajectory begun on the Deep Time Liberation journey. Once participants have completed DTL, they will be invited to deepen their experience. ​

Full participation in Deep Time Liberation is a prerequisite for joining the Alumni Program.

Calendar of Events

"Connection Brings  Inner Strength and Balance."

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