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Ancestor Altar - HouseofSand.jpg

Honoring The Ancestors

The Altar As The Meeting Place

Our unique programs include creating and honoring of ancestor altars, libation pouring, and calling in our ancestors with familial pictures and items of remembrance. This sacred ritual opens the gateway to being held and embraced, furthering our healing journey.

My uplifted Ancestors, guides, fierce protectors and skilled healers. Please stand with me.


Be with me in the moment, and guide me along my road with a cool head and clear mind. 


I am the root of your root, soil of your soil, bone of your bone, and blood of your blood.


I have not forgotten my commitment to our lineage, and I vow to never forget.

Ancestors Prayer

Find Peace in the Present, within the Power of the Past

Pouring Libation for The Ancestors

Pouring Libation for The Ancestors

Middle Passage Memorial Statue

The Middle Passage Memorial Statue at Whitney Plantation


I carry the African spirit and glory wherever I go
and embrace my ancestral heritage with  every breath I take. 

Rosetta Saunders and AfefeokeDrumming On Sacred Ground
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