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There is a world of the flesh, and there is the Spirit world.
When the flesh is gone, the Spirit forever remains.

Peace At Any Pace's journey holds specific significance to healing intergenerational and ancestral wounds that have not been addressed in those whose ancestry is of a people stolen from their land, their language, and their stories. Come with us and discover a whole new pathway to inner peace and well being.

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The vision that inspires the work of Peace at Any Pace is to heal intergenerational and ancestral trauma of past, present and future generations of the African diaspora; ultimately transforming inherent suffering into renewed resilience and liberation - this is our right of passage.


The Mission of Peace At Any Pace (PAAP) is to offer healing opportunities through culturally specific journeys, genealogical mapping, storytelling, drumming and mindful awareness to multigenerational people of the African diaspora who suffer from the impact of intergenerational and ancestral traumas. PAAP facilitates national and international classes, retreats and sojourns to bridge ancestral histories to present day experiences, transforming wounds to wisdom, leading to deep time liberation.


Peace At Any Pace leads the way towards individual and collective healing, it also guides participants through and arc of reclaiming our ancestors' dream and exploring legacies of traumatic patterning, while sourcing resilience and finding pathways to healing generational wounds of the past. Grounding this journey in mindful awareness and compassionate reflections allows for a rich depth of wise view and skillful response through a journey to healing for people from the African Diaspora.

Once we understand the need for committing to our individual and collective healing, the pathway appears.

Your Ancestors are you. To listen to them, go within, increase your awareness and listen to your intuition.

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